Talent list coverage expanded

May 16, 2023

The Government announced today that its newly expanded Talent List, which increases the coverage from 13 professions to 51, is geared towards attracting more high-quality talent to come and meet Hong Kong's development needs.


The expanded list immediately applies to the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme, the General Employment Policy and the Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents & Professionals.


The updated list comprises 51 professions under nine industry segments, namely business support; creative industries, arts and culture, performing arts; development and construction; environmental technology services; financial services; healthcare services; innovation and technology; legal and dispute resolution services; and maritime services.


Speaking to reporters today, Secretary for Labour & Welfare Chris Sun said he is confident that the Government will meet its target on attracting talent this year.


“The overall key performance indicator we set for ourselves on talent is to attract at least 35,000 talent into Hong Kong each year from this year to the next two years and they are expected to stay in Hong Kong for at least 12 months through the talent admission schemes.


“We are confident that we are going to make that target for this year, having regard to the very positive response to the various schemes we have put in place to attract talent from out of Hong Kong to Hong Kong to help us grow our economy.”


The Government noted that the main thrust of the manpower policy is nurturing local talent, complemented by attracting outside talent, with a view to enriching Hong Kong’s talent pool and meeting the city’s social and economic development needs.


The extended list, detailed specifications of individual professions and the guidance note for applying under the admission schemes have been uploaded to the dedicated website and Hong Kong Talent Engage’s online platform.


Those interested in the admission schemes can submit their online applications directly.


Relevant work to expand the Talent List commenced immediately after it was announced in the 2022 Policy Address that the Government would update the list to reflect the latest shortage of professional and technical talent spanning different fields.

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