Police nat'l security dept head named

May 2, 2023

Chief Executive John Lee today appointed Kan Kai-yan as head of the department for safeguarding national security of the Hong Kong Police Force upon the retirement of the force’s Deputy Commissioner (National Security) Edwina Lau. 


Pursuant to Article 16(2) of the National Security Law, the appointment took effect today, and Mr Kan took the oath of office on the same day.


At the same time, Mr Lee appointed Li Kwai-wah as Chief Superintendent of Police (National Security) in accordance with Article 48(7) of the Basic Law. The appointment also took effect today.


Mr Lee said Mr Kan has been with Police for 32 years and has demonstrated an outstanding performance, professionalism and exemplary commitment to serve.


“He has a high awareness of national security and is familiar with national security affairs. He is capable of leading Police's National Security Department to shoulder the important responsibility of safeguarding national security.”


The Chief Executive also noted that Mr Li is a senior police officer serving in the force's National Security Department since the National Security Law’s promulgation and implementation.


“He has displayed loyalty and dedication as well as unwavering commitment to discharging his duties in safeguarding national security, resulting in outstanding accomplishments.


“Even though both Mr Kan and Mr Li face the US’ bullying act of gross imposition of so-called ‘sanctions’, they are fearless, firm and dedicated to their duties.


“I recognise their work and have confidence that they will take on more responsibilities in their new positions and make greater contributions to safeguarding national security.”


On the same day, Assistant Commissioner of Police (National Security)(2) Kelvin Kong was appointed Senior Assistant Commissioner by the Commissioner of Police, succeeding Mr Kan as Director of National Security.

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