May 1 public order event cancelled

April 26, 2023

Police announced today that they received a notification on the cancellation of a public order event scheduled for May 1 on Hong Kong Island and warned people not to participate in any illegal public processions or meetings that day.


Police explained that they received a notification from a citizen earlier that a public order event would be held on Hong Kong Island on May 1. While the force met the individual concerned on April 21 to learn more about the arrangement for such an event, they received a notification today that the event would be cancelled.


Police said they emphasised that the public order event organiser should ensure good order and public safety could be maintained and that the event complies with the laws of Hong Kong, adding that the organiser is legally liable for the event.


It would be a responsible act for a public event organiser to cancel the event if the individual assessed that he was unable to comply with the relevant legislation, Police stressed.


Police further stated that any persons who continue to participate in an illegal public procession or meeting on Hong Kong Island on May 1 may commit the offence of taking part in an unauthorised assembly in accordance with the Public Order Ordinance and maybe liable to a maximum penalty of five years' imprisonment.

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