MiC project in Tung Chung set

March 31, 2023

The first public housing project of the Housing Authority using Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) is about to start its superstructure construction phase.


The 12-storey block, located in Tung Chung, consists of about 20 units per floor. The installation of MiC modules will begin later this year.


For the MiC public housing units, the internal floor area, basic installations and fittings of different flat types that accommodate one to five residents are basically the same as those of the current public housing standard units.


To shorten the waiting time for public rental housing and to enhance construction efficiency and quality, the Chief Executive suggested in the 2022 Policy Address that the Housing Authority would adopt the MiC approach in at least 50% of its projects in the five-year period starting from 2028.


The MiC techniques will also be adopted by the Housing Society in its public housing projects.

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