Health care voucher coverage wider

March 31, 2023

The Health Bureau announced today eligible Hong Kong elderly can use the Elderly Health Care Voucher to pay for the outpatient healthcare service fees at the University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital Huawei Li Zhi Yuan Community Health Center (Huawei CHC) from April 17.


The Huawei CHC is an offsite medical institution set up by the HKU-SZH. The new arrangement will enable Hong Kong elderly residing in Shenzhen to better utilise local outpatient services.


Given that the vouchers are issued and for use on an electronic platform, eligible elderly need not pre-register, collect or bring along the voucher.


They only need to visit the Huawei CHC in person and will be able to use the voucher to settle the fees of outpatient services they received at the designated clinics, departments or health centre upon presentation of a valid Hong Kong Identity Card or Certificate of Exemption.


The Huawei CHC will help the elderly make a claim and instantly update the user's record in their voucher account.


A printed record showing the voucher balance will also be provided for retention by the elderly.


The Health Bureau reminded people that relevant arrangements are not applicable to inpatient services, pre-paid healthcare services and day surgery procedures.


The voucher cannot be used for solely purchasing products, medicine, medical equipment and products, nor can it be redeemed for cash.


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