Cultural ambassador scheme opens

March 27, 2023

The Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme 2024 is open for applications, the Leisure & Cultural Services Department announced today.


Under the scheme, selected artists and arts groups will bring performing arts into the community by organising outreach activities in various districts next year.


Applicants should be registered local non-profit-making performing arts groups or ensembles of artists that have been active in the performing arts scene in the past year, with experience in public performance.


Each applicant is required to submit a proposal with a description of the theme or the project contents in no more than 20 words.


The proposal should cover one performing arts form or more among Chinese opera, operatic singing, dance, music, theatrical arts and multimedia.


The proposed projects may include performance, workshops, talks, demonstration, episodic performance, exhibitions or a combination of these activities.


The application deadline is noon on May 8.


Call 2591 1611 or send an email to the Audience Building Office for enquiries.

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