Withered tree in Wan Chai removed

March 27, 2023

The Highways Department today announced that it urgently removed a wilted old tree on Queen's Road East in Wan Chai to ensure public safety.


The Ficus microcarpa with a height of 11 metres is listed on the Register of Old & Valuable Trees. It was confirmed that it was infected with brown root rot disease in late 2020.


The department then strengthened maintenance works and regular inspections for it in accordance with the guidelines of the Development Bureau's Greening, Landscape & Tree Management Section (GLTMS).


A series of measures were also implemented such as regular surveying of the tree's displacement, resistograph testing, pruning of wilted branches and improving soil quality.


The tree foliage was still sparse with further wilting upon another risk assessment early this year. Mycelial crust was also found on more areas of the tree base, indicating that the disease had further spread and caused irreversible health and structural damage, posing a risk of tree failure.


Upon consultation with the GLTMS and the Urban Forestry Advisory Panel, and having notified the Wan Chai District Council of the proposed tree removal, the department undertook the removal works and will replant an ornamental plant at a nearby location after the removal.


The department reiterated that it will continue to adopt a prudent approach in inspecting and maintaining trees under its care, and will consider removing problematic trees only when no other viable risk mitigation measure is available.

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