Advisers to CE hold first meeting

March 23, 2023

The Chief Executive's Council of Advisers, chaired by Chief Executive John Lee, held its first meeting today to discuss the future development of Hong Kong.


The meeting was held in three sessions according to the streams members belong to, namely the streams on economic advancement and sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship as well as regional and global collaborations.


Members of the council took the view that Hong Kong, while consolidating and utilising its own strengths, should also develop a new mindset in formulating policies, actively integrate into the overall development of the country and continue to strengthen external exchanges and bolster regional connectivity.


Mr Lee said: "At the meeting, all advisers keenly and frankly offered advice, and their valuable insights are particularly important at a time full of uncertainties in the global economy and in view of the continual geopolitical tensions.”


The Chief Executive has instructed the council secretariat to collate valuable opinions and suggestions raised by the advisers and come up with a list of priority topics for further research so as to assist in the formulation of policies.

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