Disciplinary forces open days set

March 22, 2023

For National Security Education Day on April 15, the five training schools of the disciplinary forces will be opened to the public. People can register online for free admission tickets starting tomorrow.


The open day will be held at the five training schools - the Police College, the Immigration Service Institute of Training & Development, the Customs College, the Correctional Services Academy and the Fire & Ambulance Services Academy.


Grand parades, exercise demonstrations, guided tours of the colleges, virtual reality experiences, game booths, and the introduction of state-of-the-art and professional equipment and sharing by frontline personnel will be held at the training schools.


Members of the public can learn more about the forces' responsibilities of safeguarding and enhancing awareness of national security from these events.


In addition, booths will be set up at the Police College to introduce the relevant work of the Security Bureau and its disciplinary forces and auxiliary services, including the Government Flying Service, the Civil Aid Service and the Auxiliary Medical Service.


People may register through the links to obtain tickets. Successful applicants will receive a notification from the organiser.


Click here for information on the open day.

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