Harbour crossings toll plans unveiled

March 22, 2023

The Government today announced the proposed toll plans for three road harbour crossings to rationalise cross-harbour traffic and alleviate congestion at such crossings.


It proposed implementing a fixed toll plan upon its takeover of the Western Harbour Crossing (WHC) on August 2.


The fixed toll for private cars using the WHC will be lowered to $60, while that for the Cross-Harbour Tunnel (CHT) and Eastern Harbour Crossing (EHC) will be slightly increased to $30, so as to narrow the toll differences for private cars among the harbour crossings, thereby reducing detours by motorists and relieving the pressure of traffic congestion at the CHT and EHC.


Cross-harbour taxis will be charged an all-day fixed toll of $25 and tolls for other vehicle types will remain unchanged.


For the next step, the Government aims to implement time-varying tolls at the three harbour crossings within this year.


From Monday to Saturday, there will be three time slots a day that include a peak time, normal time and off-peak time slots.


The toll for private cars at peak time slots for the WHC is $60 while that for the CHT and EHC is $40.


While private cars using all the harbour crossings will be charged $30 during the normal time slot, they will be charged $20 throughout the off-peak time slots.


A transition charging arrangement between time slots will be put in place to bridge them in an orderly manner and ensure road safety. Between any of two time slots, tolls will gradually increase or decrease every two minutes.


The toll for motorcycles is set at a level of 40% of the toll for private cars, ie between $8 and $24.


Cross-harbour taxis will continue to be charged an all-day fixed toll of $25.


Other commercial vehicles, including goods vehicles and buses, can expect to pay an all-day fixed toll of $50.


On Sundays and general holidays, the toll for private cars during the normal time slot, which runs from 10:15am to 7:15pm, will be $25 for all harbour crossings. For the remaining hours, the toll will be $20.


The toll for motorcycles during such times is also set at a level of 40% of the toll for private cars.

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