Views sought on rules for recruiters

March 21, 2023

The Labour Department today launched a public consultation on the review of the Code of Practice (CoP) for Employment Agencies, with a view to further improving the relevant requirements for employment agencies.


The aim of one of the preliminary proposals for revising the CoP is to combat “job-hopping” among foreign domestic helpers (FDHs).


The employment agencies are required to explain clearly to FDH job seekers that under the prevailing policy, an application for change of an employer in Hong Kong within the two-year contract period will normally not be approved save for the exceptional circumstances, such that FDHs would understand the consequences of “job hopping”.


Additionally, the department proposed to stipulate that employment agencies should not provide monetary incentives to FDHs in employment to induce the FDHs to terminate their contracts prematurely.


To prevent employment agencies from colluding with financial institutions to arrange FDHs to take out loans, the department also proposed that when submitting applications for licences, the employment agencies should provide information on whether they have association with and are sharing the same premises with any financial institutions.


Other proposals include requiring employment agencies to set out in the service agreement the amount of fees charged for each category of services to enhance transparency and protect consumers.


The department also proposed to require employment agencies to provide basic information on boarding facilities for their FDH job seekers. The employment agencies are also required to confirm compliance with relevant legislation and regulations.


People may send in their views on the proposals by email to, by fax to 2115 3756 or by post to the Employment Agencies Administration of the Labour Department, Unit 906, 9/F, One Mong Kok Road Commercial Centre, 1 Mong Kok Road, Kowloon on or before May 15.

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