Deputy SJ fosters dispute resolution

March 16, 2023
Exploring collaboration
Exploring collaboration:

Deputy Secretary for Justice Cheung Kwok-kwan (second right) leads a delegation of Hong Kong legal professionals to meet the Lawyers Council of Thailand in Bangkok.

Deputy Secretary for Justice Cheung Kwok-kwan today led a delegation of 30 Hong Kong legal professionals to attend an international promotional campaign to promote Hong Kong's legal and dispute resolution services in Bangkok, Thailand.


Co-organised by the Department of Justice and the Trade Development Council, the "Resolve2Win - Legal Services of Hong Kong, Opportunities for All" campaign attracted more than 200 participants from different sectors such as the financial, legal and professional services.


In his opening remarks, Mr Cheung said that as an important economy in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Thailand has a mature alternative dispute resolution (ADR) culture, a pool of experienced dispute resolution professionals, and a strong legal infrastructure in line with international standards.


He added that he hopes to foster exchanges and create opportunities for businesses and legal and ADR services providers in both places through this campaign.


To further strengthen co-operation in mediation between Hong Kong and Thailand and bring about a change to the litigation culture in society, the department and the Thailand Arbitration Center (THAC) collaborated to promote the "Mediate First" Pledge campaign in Thailand for the first time.


A signing ceremony of the "Mediate First" Pledge was held during the event, with 35 legal and business organisations, enterprises and individuals in Thailand agreeing to sign the agreement to support first exploring the use of mediation to resolve disputes, signifying a closer relationship between Thailand and Hong Kong on promoting mediation.


This is the first time Hong Kong's "Mediate First" Pledge campaign was promoted overseas.


Mr Cheung then delivered his keynote speech at the event's luncheon.


Highlighting the unique opportunities offered by Hong Kong as the only common law jurisdiction within China under "one country, two systems", he pointed out that national strategies including the 14th Five-Year Plan, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area development and the Belt & Road Initiative not only have injected continuous impetus to the growth of Hong Kong, but also brought opportunities to ASEAN member states.


Mr Cheung further stated that as the leading legal and dispute resolution services centre in the Asia-Pacific region, Hong Kong has a strong pool of legal talent particularly in the area of dispute resolution services.


He encouraged enterprises and talent to capitalise on Hong Kong's unique advantages of enjoying the strong support of the motherland and being closely connected to the world under "one country, two systems" to tap into the development opportunities of the bay area and beyond.


Mr Cheung reiterated that the National Security Law has provided stability and a secure environment to enterprises and investors, which is conducive for both local and international businesses in Hong Kong to flourish.


After the event concluded, Mr Cheung led the delegation to visit the THAC to strengthen the collaboration with the institution and exchange views on the development and promotion of alternate dispute resolution.


Additionally, the group met with the Lawyers Council of Thailand to discuss the development of the legal profession and explore potential future collaborations with the council and facilitate the Thai-Hong Kong legal profession in building stronger and closer ties.


Mr Cheung also took the opportunity to meet Secretary-General of the Office of the Judiciary of Thailand Teerasak Ngeeywijit. He emphasised that he looks forward to further exploring the enhancement of the existing collaboration with the Office of the Judiciary.


The delegation will meet the Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce tomorrow morning before concluding their visit.

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