20 recycling store contracts awarded

March 15, 2023

The contracts for the first batch of 22 GREEN@COMMUNITY Recycling Stores will expire on March 31 and the follow-on contracts for 20 recycling stores, except the Kwai Chung and Sheung Wan stores, were awarded last November.


Nine out of the 20 recycling stores will be run by new operators, while 10 recycling stores have to be relocated to new locations and will start operation on April 1.

More than two million people are residing in public rental housing estates (PRHs). To strengthen the community recycling support in the PRHs, the Environmental Protection Department plans to develop a network of small-scale recycling stores in these estates to facilitate their residents and those living nearby and enhance the cost effectiveness of the recycling network.


The Environmental Protection Department is also preparing to launch a pilot scheme on the new operation mode in Kwai Tsing District, which is one of the districts with the largest number of PRHs.


It is working closely with the Housing Department to take forward the pilot scheme, with a view to providing Kwai Tsing District residents with recycling services in the second quarter of this year.


In view of the district's pilot scheme, the GREEN@KWAI CHUNG Recycling Store will cease operation on March 31 after the contract expiry to avoid a duplication of resources.


The Environmental Protection Department will arrange a recycling station to set up a recycling spot near the existing GREEN@KWAI CHUNG. The station will also operate the recycling spots and housing collection services currently run by GREEN@KWAI CHUNG.


Regarding GREEN@SHEUNG WAN, as there was no tender that conformed to the specifications, the tender procedure was cancelled.


The Environmental Protection Department conducted a re-tendering exercise last December and is now evaluating the tenders. It is pressing ahead to arrange a transitional service to facilitate Sheung Wan residents to participate in recycling.

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