Customs deploys flexible manpower

March 1, 2023

The Customs & Excise Department has flexibly deployed its manpower to overcome the challenge of low recruitment recently.


Commissioner of Customs & Excise Louise Ho made the remarks this morning during a press conference held to review the work of the department in 2022.


Ms Ho made it clear that the department has taken steps to improve the issue of insufficient manpower.


“Regarding the manpower situation, the fact is in the recruitment exercises of recent years, we found that the number of applications has decreased a bit.


“In order to address the impact on our manpower deployment, we have flexibly deployed our manpower resources to our priority areas of concern.


“And also, on our special projects, we have recruited experienced officers, who have retired, to return to the department to provide support for some special projects.”


Ms Ho added that the department has boosted its recruitment publicity through various channels.


“We have also enhanced our publicity efforts, locally and on the Mainland, by targeting students in the universities, to attract them to come to Hong Kong and make applications to the Customs & Excise Department and join our family.”

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