Mask-wearing requirement to be lifted

February 28, 2023

(To watch the full media session with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Chief Executive John Lee announced today that the Government will lift the mask-wearing requirement starting March 1 after assessing the overall COVID-19 situation in Hong Kong.


Mr Lee made the statement ahead of this morning’s Executive Council meeting and explained to reporters that the decision was made given the local epidemic situation is under control and the chance of a rebound is slim.


He stressed that Hong Kong has also built a wide and comprehensive immunity barrier.


“After looking at all the data, the trend and the fact that the winter surge (of influenza) is nearing the end, in order to give people a very clear message that Hong Kong is resuming to normalcy, I think this is the right time to make the decision.”


Citizens will no longer be required to wear masks either indoors or outdoors, or on public transport carriers.


However, to protect public health, Mr Lee stated that those in charge of premises regarded as high risk, such as hospitals, may ask people to wear masks.


Once the mask mandate is dropped, the Chief Executive said Hong Kong can continue on the path towards normalcy.


“With the masking requirement removed, we are starting to resume to normalcy comprehensively and that will be very beneficial to the economic development, our international competitiveness, as well as our activities which involve everyone in Hong Kong.”

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