80 good citizens commended

February 26, 2023
Brave act
Brave act:

Commissioner of Police Siu Chak-yee (right) presents the Good Citizen of the Year Award to Debby Kong.

Eighty citizens who assisted Police in fighting crime and maintaining law and order were commended at the Good Citizen Award (GCA) 2022 & 50th Anniversary Presentation Ceremony today.


Separately, seven organisations were presented the Good Organisation Award to recognise their efforts in supporting the force's crime prevention works.


Police said the GCA awardees helped prevent or detect cases including theft, fraud and indecent assault. There were also some who made their contributions in life-saving.


Debby Kong, the recipient of the Good Citizen of the Year Award, saved a girl who accidentally fell into the sea when she was fishing. She also comforted the girl while waiting for Police to arrive on the scene, fully demonstrating her care and love.


More than 4,500 citizens have been commended since the launch of the GCA scheme in 1973.


Speaking at the ceremony, Commissioner of Police Siu Chak-yee said the scheme has been revamped over the past two years. He highlighted that the force brought together the GCA awardees to form a Good Citizen Alliance to promote the good citizen spirit in schools, organisations and the community.


With inheritance as the theme this year, Mr Siu expressed the hope that the scheme could pass on the spirit to the future generations.

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