EU-compatible COVID-19 records set

February 21, 2023

Starting March 7, citizens can download local vaccination, testing or recovery records compatible with the European Union Digital COVID Certificate (EU DCC) mechanism for outbound travel purposes, the Government announced today.


These records may be downloaded via the COVID-19 Electronic Vaccination & Testing Record System (eVT) or the "iAM Smart" mobile application.


The EU DCC mechanism is recognised and is in common use across 27 EU member states and some 50 participating countries and territories.


Upon completion of technical onboarding, the EU announced today the inclusion of records issued by Hong Kong in specified formats in the EU DCC mechanism.


From March 7, those who hold valid local vaccination, paid testing or recovery records can download relevant EU DCC mechanism-compatible records via the eVT by inputting their identity document number and other data required by the system.


They can also download such records after confirming their identity through the “iAM Smart” mobile application. Details will be available here.


Holders can present the records in an electronic format or have the electronic records printed in a paper format for travelling purposes.


The Government reminded members of the public to ascertain the latest immigration requirements of their destinations, including those for vaccination or testing, before departure.

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