Mainland study tours facilitated

February 21, 2023

The Education Bureau today announced that a one-off facilitation service will be arranged for students and teachers who will soon depart for senior secondary subject Citizenship & Social Development (CS) Mainland study tours to apply for the Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong & Macao Residents.


The bureau said following the full resumption of normal travel between Hong Kong and the Mainland, the CS Mainland study tours will start soon. Schools have responded positively to the arrangement with proactive preparation for the tours.


However, certain schools have indicated that some students are unable to make an appointment in time to renew or apply for the Home Return Permit. In view of this, the bureau has co-ordinated with China Travel Service Entry Permit Service Hong Kong (CTS) to arrange a permit application facilitation service for students and teachers in need.


The one-off special arrangement is applicable to Secondary 5 students and accompanying teachers who will depart for the CS Mainland study tours in April or May.


Taking into account that most students need their parents to apply for the permit and the considerable advance preparation such as ticketing arrangements required for the Mainland study tours, CTS will open a designated centre from February 26 to March 19 for four consecutive Sundays to handle permit renewals or applications from students and teachers who need the service.


Students and teachers are required to make an appointment via CTS' online system in advance and to submit their basic personal information and booking reference number to their school.


Upon receipt of the related student and teacher lists from schools, the bureau will arrange time slots for the permit applications. It will send a letter to schools today to inform them of the details.


The bureau announced on February 9 the latest arrangements for the CS Mainland study tours for this school year for current Secondary 4 and 5 students, including providing schools with 22 routes to Guangdong Province from one day to three days starting from April.


The facilitation service will help schools organise and lead students to take part in the Mainland study tours smoothly, enabling principals, teachers and pupils to gain first-hand experience of the country's situation and understand its latest developments and achievements in various aspects.

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