Act now for SIM card registration

February 18, 2023

Have you completed real-name registration for your pre-paid SIM card yet? If not, do it no later than February 23 to avoid any impact. The quickest way to complete the process is on mobile apps or via the websites of telecommunications service providers.


Individual users are required to provide their name in English and Chinese, date of birth, as well as their identity (ID) card number and its copy. According to the Telecommunications (Registration of SIM Cards) Regulation, each individual user may register no more than 10 pre-paid SIM cards with each telecommunications operator.


Stress-free process
Office of the Communications Authority Head (Market & Competition) Sidney Tsan said the online real-name registration systems of local telecommunications service providers are simple and easy to use. He offered advice on how to make things go smoothly.


“Some of the pre-paid SIM card users may encounter problems such as the information of the uploaded ID card image cannot be recognised by the online real-name registration system. Users should try again, and also avoid any light reflection while taking a photo of their ID card and use a plain white background, so as to make it easier for the image to be recognised by the online registration system.”


Users may visit the retail outlets of their telecommunications service providers, support stations at 25 designated MTR stations or service counters at 18 designated post offices in person with their ID card, relevant SIM card and mobile phone capable of receiving SMS notifications to complete their registration. 


The support stations at MTR stations are open from 9am to 6pm every day until February 23. Moreover, the 18 designated post offices will extend their service hour until 7pm on February 22 and 23 to handle the possible surging cases for assistance before the deadline.


Upholding law & order

Mr Tsan said the Real-name Registration Programme for SIM Cards is necessary to uphold law and order in the city. 


“The real-name registration programme aims to plug the loophole arising from the anonymous nature of pre-paid SIM cards and to assist law enforcement agencies in the detection of crimes involving the use of pre-paid SIM cards, thereby helping safeguard the integrity of telecommunications services and the security of communications networks, as well as law and order.”


The Office of the Communications Authority urges users to complete real-name registration for their pre-paid SIM cards as soon as possible and not to wait until the last moment before the deadline, to avoid any service impact.


Friendly reminder

You can remind your family and friends using pre-paid SIM cards to complete the registration process as soon as possible.

Existing SIM card service plan users are not required to re-register with their telecommunications service providers unless they change to another service provider or subscribe to a new phone number.

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