Transitional housing use satisfactory

February 8, 2023

The occupancy concerning transitional housing projects is generally satisfactory, Secretary for Housing Winnie Ho said today.


Ms Ho made the statement while answering lawmakers’ questions and noted that as at end January 2023, the Government has identified land for providing over 20,000 transitional housing units, of which 6,900 have been completed.


Since the implementation of the Funding Scheme to Support Transitional Housing Projects by Non-government Organisations in June 2020, the assessment committee for the scheme has approved the funding applications of 43 projects in total, of which nine have already been put into service, providing about 4,400 units.


Of these nine projects, the ones in urban areas or near public transport hubs had an average occupancy of over 90%, while the average occupancy of projects in the New Territories was close to 70%.


The Housing Bureau has further co-ordinated and stepped up the publicity on transitional housing.


The six dedicated district service teams promoting the ordinance on tenancy control of subdivided units introduced the transitional housing projects to the tenants and arranged for them to join guided tours to enable them to visit different transitional housing projects.


The Housing Authority will progressively distribute promotional leaflets about transitional housing for public rental housing applicants to make it easier for them to learn about the latest information and application channels for such housing.

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