Business district goal unchanged

February 2, 2023

The selection of a Kai Tak site to build light public housing (LPH) units will not affect the long-term development of the Central Business District 2 (CBD2) in Kowloon East, Secretary for Housing Winnie Ho said today.


Addressing media questions about LPH, Ms Ho said the inclusion of the Kai Tak site into the project utilises its short term possibility to address people’s housing needs.


She emphasised that the long-term development and ultimate goal of the CBD2 does not change.


“Each piece of land has its long-term use, which is already laid down, and the planning will be realised one day. So we are just utilising the short term possibility to help those people in need.


“There are so many people living in subdivided flats and they are in very poor living conditions. If these lands in their short term use can help these people, instead of being used as construction sites, construction storage or like this Kai Tak piece of land for light public housing which is being used for parking buses. Can we not add more value to their short-term use?


“To release the potential of the land to help more people, that is the aim of the policy.”

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