Glass supplier registrations to start

January 31, 2023

The producer responsibility scheme on glass beverage containers will be fully implemented on May 1, and the Environmental Protection Department today said it will accept registrations from glass beverage container suppliers, and accept applications for exemption from payment of container recycling levies and applications for container waste disposal licences from tomorrow.


From May 1, suppliers of glass-bottled beverages, including manufacturers and importers, must first register with the department as a registered supplier before distributing any glass-bottled beverages in Hong Kong, otherwise they will be committing an offence.


A registered supplier must fulfil its statutory obligations, including submission of returns, keeping records relating to the returns, payment of container recycling levies and submission of annual audit reports. A registered supplier who has a recovery and reuse arrangement for the glass containers of its beverage products may apply to the department for a levy exemption.


From the same date, any person who stores, treats, reprocesses or recycles glass container waste must obtain a waste disposal licence, and those who import or export such waste must obtain a relevant permit.


The department urges suppliers and practitioners in the recycling industry to submit an application as soon as possible to comply with the scheme's legal requirements, so as to ensure continued distribution of glass-bottled beverages and disposal of glass container waste in Hong Kong on or after May 1.


Call 2838 3111 for enquiries. The department will conduct briefing sessions for suppliers and assist them on the spot to become registered suppliers.

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