Supply of soccer pitches clarified

January 28, 2023

The Leisure & Cultural Services Department (LCSD) today said it provides a total of 235 five-a-side and seven-a-side soccer pitches at present, slightly falling short of the level proposed in the city’s Planning Standards & Guidelines.


The department made the clarification in response to a media report saying that the total number of such LSCD soccer pitches is 60 more than the 247 proposed in the guidelines.


Explaining the gap, the department said it is believed that as some of the hard-surface soccer pitches are suitable for both five-a-side and seven-a-side soccer, the media concerned may have mistakenly double counted a hard-surface soccer pitch into one five-a-side pitch and one seven-a-side pitch.


On the usage of hard-surface soccer pitches, the LCSD noted that the demand for advance booking from both individuals and organisations is keen, especially during peak hours. The Government will continue to provide five-a-side soccer pitches in accordance with the actual situation so as to meet the demand of citizens.


When there are no football activities, these venues will be open to members of the public for Tai Chi, badminton, shuttlecock and other activities.


Applications to use hard-surface pitches for non-designated activities may also be considered on individual merits.


Meanwhile, in order to promote different kinds of sports, 11 hard-surface soccer pitches are now open for playing cricket, the department added.

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