Govt condemns foreign interference

January 10, 2023

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government today strongly opposed interference by a foreign government in a court case involving Lai Chee-ying and the false allegation and criticism against the Hong Kong SAR Government.


It said in a press statement that it will never tolerate, and strongly deplores, any form of interference by any foreign power or individual with Hong Kong’s judicial proceedings and internal affairs.


According to media reports, Mr Lai’s purported “international legal team” earlier wrote to the UK's prime minister to request to have an urgent meeting to discuss potential ways to secure the release of Mr Lai who is currently remanded in custody pending trial.


It was also reported that UK Minister of State (Indo-Pacific) Anne-Marie Trevelyan met Mr Lai’s “legal team” upon request. Apart from admitting that the authority had been providing support to the defendant, they also falsely alleged that the Hong Kong SAR Government targeted certain people including Mr Lai.


The Hong Kong SAR Government stressed that it opposes and condemns the acts of the purported “international legal team” and the UK government which attempted to undermine Hong Kong’s rule of law and interfere with the city’s independent exercise of judicial power.


It strongly urges the relevant parties to respect the spirit of the rule of law and stop interfering with Hong Kong’s internal affairs.


Should any country, organisation or individual attempt to interfere with judicial proceedings before the Hong Kong courts with political power, or any defendant attempt to seek help from and collude with a foreign political power to evade the criminal justice process, such actions will be deemed as blatantly undermining Hong Kong’s rule of law and interfering with the city’s internal affairs.


The Hong Kong SAR Government added that such acts by a defendant highly likely constitute contempt of court.

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