One-stop talent service launched

December 28, 2022

The Talents Service Unit (TSU) online platform was launched today to provide one-stop electronic services for talent from around the world, enabling them to obtain information on various talent admission schemes and submit applications more easily.


By launching the platform, the Government aims to attract talent from all over the world more proactively and aggressively.


Users can browse all kinds of practical information on the platform, including Hong Kong's advantages and development opportunities, the details of various talent admission schemes as well as information on the necessities of living in Hong Kong.


Potential applicants may use the platform's Talent Admission Scheme Matching Tool to find out the schemes they are eligible for, then immediately proceed to the Immigration Department's e-Visa platform connected by the TSU online platform to submit applications online.


For the convenience of talent outside Hong Kong, the subsequent payment and visa collection procedures can also take place online.


The platform also receives talent enquiries and provides contact information on the Dedicated Teams for Attracting Businesses & Talents set up under the Government's respective Mainland and overseas offices.


The teams will leverage the liaison networks of their affiliated offices in reaching out to potential talent proactively and promote the talent admission schemes.


Leading the TSU, Chief Secretary Chan Kwok-ki said: “With the concerted effort of the Government and various sectors of society, Hong Kong has overcome many challenges brought about by the COVID-19 epidemic.


“Besides making steady progress along the path towards normality, Hong Kong has shown the world that it has returned to centre stage in the global arena.


“Now is the golden time for Hong Kong to compete for talent proactively.”


He emphasised that the Government will take forward in full swing various new initiatives to compete for talent, including the TSU, to enrich and diversify Hong Kong's talent pool, with a view to meeting the needs of the city's future economic and social developments.


It has full confidence in meeting its target of admitting annually at least 35,000 people with an intended duration of stay of at least 12 months through various talent admission schemes from 2023 to 2025.


In addition to launching the online platform, the Government is making preparations at full steam to set up a physical entity for the TSU, which will be dedicated to formulating talent recruitment strategies and publicity and providing more support services for talent arriving in Hong Kong.


It will apply to the Legislative Council Finance Committee early next year for the necessary resources.


Meanwhile, the Government announced that the talent admission schemes announced in the Policy Address this year, including the newly introduced Top Talent Pass Scheme, are open for applications from today.

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