Govt regrets misleading commentary

December 2, 2022

The Security Bureau expressed deep regret over a commentary titled “Why patriotic students also turn into 'black-clad' protesters?” (translation) written by Tsang Chi-ho published in Ming Pao today.


The bureau noted that the writer intentionally mixed up the recent activities in Hong Kong which were called for on the Internet in the name of commemorating the event in Urumqi but in reality were attempting to incite against the central authorities, with certain incidents happened in the Mainland.


It pointed out that the commentary is misleading and downplays the signs of instability in Hong Kong. Members of the public may be easily led to let down their guard against being incited to participate in activities suspected of endangering national security.


The bureau added that Secretary for Security Tang Ping-keung clearly stated earlier that the relevant activities were called for on the Internet and plotted by various social media platforms, including some which are primarily anti-China.


The security chief said those activities were highly co-ordinated with the participation of some active members of the serious violent protests in 2019 and members of the public should not be incited to participate in such activities.


The bureau explained that people have the right to know and it also has a duty to inform them of the information it has in hand, with a view to safeguarding the safety of citizens.


“It is regrettable that the writer disregarded the facts, and even questioned the observations and alerts concerned. In the article, he deliberately downplayed the signs of instability in local society, and ignored the consequences of members of the public being incited to participate in activities suspected of endangering national security,” the bureau added.


The writer has previously disclosed that he had already left Hong Kong. The bureau urged members of the public, especially young people, to heighten their vigilance, explaining that some people will not give up and will always seek to endanger the security of the country and Hong Kong.


“These people may now be enjoying elsewhere the political dividends obtained by betraying Hong Kong and our country. Members of the public must stay alert.”

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