November unseasonably warm

December 2, 2022

November was much warmer than usual in Hong Kong, due to the weaker than normal northeast monsoon over southern China most of the time, the Hong Kong Observatory said today.


The mean minimum temperature of 22 degrees Celsius and the mean temperature of 23.4 degrees Celsius were 1.7 degrees and 1.2 degrees above their corresponding normal figures, and were the second and the third highest on record for November respectively.


The duration of bright sunshine in the month was only 100.3 hours, about 42% below normal and the lowest on record for November.


The month was also much wetter than usual with a monthly total rainfall of 130.8mm, more than three times the normal figure.


The accumulated rainfall this year up to November was 2,179.7mm, about 9% lower than the normal figure for the same period.


The maximum temperature at the observatory rose to 28.6 degrees Celsius on November 28, the highest of the month.


Under the influence of an intense northeast monsoon, the local weather became windy and cooler on November 30. The temperature at the observatory dropped to a minimum of 18.3 degrees Celsius that night, the lowest of the month.


The observatory issued the No. 8 Gale or Storm Signal on the afternoon of November 2. Nalgae was the third tropical cyclone requiring the issuance of the No. 8 signal in Hong Kong in November since records began in 1946.

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