Govt inspects 1.6k construction sites

November 30, 2022

The Labour Department today said it had inspected over 1,600 construction sites and initiated 77 prosecutions in a special enforcement operation targeting construction sites of new works and work-at-height safety.


Conducted in the second half of November, the two-week operation aimed to curb unsafe work practices on construction sites.


During the operation, the department’s occupational safety officers inspected 1,624 construction sites across the territory, issued 132 improvement notices and four suspension notices, and initiated 77 prosecutions.


Commissioner for Labour May Chan inspected some of the construction sites.


In accordance with the general duty provisions of the Factories & Industrial Undertakings Ordinance, employers shall provide safe working environments, safe plant and systems of work for their employees.


Offenders are liable to a $500,000 maximum fine and six months’ imprisonment.


The department reminded contractors and employers to heed the above requirements to safeguard construction workers’ job safety.


Employees should co-operate with their employers, adopt all safety measures and use the provided personal protective equipment properly, the department added.

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