October sunnier than usual

November 2, 2022

October was sunnier than usual in Hong Kong, mainly due to the stronger than normal subtropical ridge over southern China, the Hong Kong Observatory said today.


The duration of bright sunshine in the month was 241 hours, 43.2 hours above normal.


The mean maximum temperature of 29.5 degrees Celsius and the mean temperature of 26.2 degrees Celsius were 1.4 degrees and 0.5 degrees above their corresponding normal figures, and were one of the highest and one of the eighth highest on record for October respectively.


The month was also drier than usual with a monthly rainfall of only 49.9mm, about 41% of the normal figure.


The accumulated rainfall this year up to October was 2,048.9mm, about 13% lower than the normal figure for the same period.


The maximum temperature at the observatory rose to 33.5 degrees Celsius in the afternoon on October 4, the highest of the month and marking the hottest Chung Yeung Festival on record.


Under the combined effect of the northeast monsoon and typhoon Nesat, it was windy in Hong Kong on October 17 to 18.


Local temperatures started to drop appreciably in the early morning of October 18 and the weather became rainy and cool. The temperature at the observatory dropped to a minimum of 17.3 degrees Celsius that night, the lowest of the month.


Severe tropical storm Nalgae moved across Luzon on October 29 and across the central part of the South China Sea the next day. Owing to the combined effect of Nalgae and the northeast monsoon, Hong Kong's weather turned cloudier with winds strengthening from the north on the last day of the month.

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