Fishing vessel subsidy set

October 28, 2022

The Government will provide an $80,000 subsidy under the Anti-epidemic Fund to eligible owners of each fishing vessel or fish collector vessel with Mainland deckhands.


The Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department today said the Government decided to provide further financial relief to those owners as local fishing vessels and fish collector vessels with Mainland deckhands are still affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in resuming operation.


About 1,700 eligible vessels are expected to benefit from the subsidy.


Applications for the subsidy will open on November 1 and the deadline is February 28, 2023. Details and forms will be available later on the department’s website.


It will also send application details to the trade via letters, SMS and fishermen organisations, and provide assistance as appropriate.


Call 9308 5022 or 9308 5012 for enquiries.

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