Crime rises 4.4%

October 20, 2022

Hong Kong registered an increase in total crime cases in the first three quarters of 2022 compared to the same period last year, Police said today.


A total of 49,927 crimes were recorded, showing an increase of 2,087 cases or 4.4% when compared with 47,840 cases in the same period of 2021.


The overall crime increase is mainly due to the rise of over 5,000 deception cases. However, there were substantial decreases in major crimes including robbery, burglary, rape, wounding and serious assault, snatching, pickpocketing.


During the same period of comparison, there were 6,465 cases of violent crime, a decrease of 10%. The detection rate of overall crimes was 31%.


The number of deception cases rose 39.7% to 19,444 cases, over 70% of which were Internet-related.


A two-fold increase was recorded for employment fraud, including reports in which citizens have fallen prey to online high remuneration job scams and lured to Southeast Asian countries to engage in illegal activities.


Investment fraud, telephone deception and online shopping fraud registered a soar ranging from 40% to a one-fold increase.


Huge losses were involved in investment fraud and telephone deception cases, which were over $1.2 billion and $700 million respectively.


As at end-September, Police arrested a total of 210 people in its efforts to enforce the National Security Law and more than half of them have been charged.


While noting that the law and order situation during the period remained stable, Police said it will continue to spare no effort in combatting crime.


Stakeholders and the public should stay alert and proactively report crimes they have witnessed, Police added.

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