LeaveHomeSafe app updated

September 27, 2022

The Government today announced that a new function has been added to the LeaveHomeSafe (LHS) mobile app to allow people to store their Vaccine Pass concurrently with that of their companions including children aged 15 or below.


Starting September 30, children aged five to 11 have to comply with the vaccination requirements under the Vaccine Pass when entering any applicable premises of the Vaccine Pass. This means they have already received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine or are within the three month period after receiving the first dose.


From the same day onwards, the grace period for people aged 12 or above to receive the third dose after the second dose of the vaccine will be shortened from six months to five months under the Vaccine Pass.


The Government said the addition of the new function to the LHS aims to facilitate the pass' aforesaid new arrangement.


After users update the app, they may store their own Vaccine Pass as well as those of a maximum of eight accompanied people at the same time.


This is to enable app users to store the Vaccine Pass of their companions who are exempted from using the LHS mobile app to facilitate their presentation of the pass when entering the applicable premises together, the Government said.


The companions include people aged 15 or below, those aged 65 or above and people with disabilities, it added.


Parents may also use the "eHealth" mobile app and add their children as "My Family Member" to retrieve and present their Vaccine Pass as well as those of their children.


Alternatively, children or their family members may bring along and present a paper record printed with the QR code or present a photo of the code saved in a mobile phone for use as a Vaccine Pass.


The Government reminded persons-in-charge of premises that carrying or presenting the Vaccine Pass QR code by the aforesaid means are allowed under the Vaccine Pass arrangement.


It has updated the QR Code Verification Scanner mobile app to version 4.4.2 to assist persons-in-charge of premises to check the Vaccine Pass of visitors according to the latest vaccination requirements under the pass. They should download the latest version of the QR Code Verification Scanner as soon as possible.


Additionally, the Food & Environmental Hygiene Department will, together with the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, host a webinar at 3pm tomorrow to brief catering businesses on the latest Vaccine Pass arrangements applicable to catering premises as well as updating the LHS and QR Code Verification Scanner. Premises operators may login to the website to join.

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