Govt schools to promote nationhood

September 23, 2022

The Education Bureau today announced that 65 government schools will be the first to launch a series of joint school activities under the theme of "Love Our Home, Treasure Our Country" in the 2022-23 school year.


The bureau held the "Love Our Home, Treasure Our Country" - National Day Celebration and Government Schools Joint School Activities Kick-off Ceremony today.


It noted that the joint school activities aim to deepen students' understanding of Chinese history and culture and cultivate in them a sense of nationhood and national identity.


Officiating at the ceremony, Secretary for Justice Paul Lam pointed out that, in addition to learning about the laws that are relevant to them through life experiences, young people need to have a proper understanding of the three most important laws for Hong Kong, namely the Constitution, the Basic Law and the National Security Law.


He said that the nurturing and deepening of law-abiding behaviour on the part of teenagers is intertwined with other areas of education, and pointed out that it ought to be done subtly and gradually so that they will learn to respect and obey the law as a matter of course.


Mr Lam stressed that the rule of law is one of the most important cornerstones of Hong Kong's success. Everyone should abide by the law for the benefit of oneself, others, the Hong Kong community and the nation.


Citing the important speech delivered by President Xi Jinping on July 1, which stated that "Hong Kong will prosper only when its young people thrive; Hong Kong will develop only when its young people achieve well-rounded development; and Hong Kong will have a bright future only when its young people have good career prospects", Mr Lam highlighted that fostering and strengthening the law-abiding awareness of young people is a key element for them to thrive. Its success will have important implications for the stability of Hong Kong's future, and the steadfast and successful implementation of "one country, two systems".


Mr Lam added that the Department of Justice will continue its efforts to promote education on the rule of law.


Also attending the event, Secretary for Education Choi Yuk-lin said that students can experience the meaning of National Day by participating in various forms of celebration activities during the coming National Day holiday.


She pointed out that "Love Our Home, Treasure Our Country" is the vision of talent development and the cornerstone of the successful implementation of "one country, two systems".


To create a positive learning atmosphere, all government schools will adopt a whole school approach to systematically plan school-based national education activities and joint school activities in the 2022-23 school year in accordance with the National Education - Event Planning Calendar issued by the bureau in August.


Apart from strengthening a collaborative culture among government schools, the activities will offer opportunities for sharing good practices with other schools, thereby promoting professional exchanges, she added.


The bureau encourages school sponsoring bodies to make reference to the government schools’ joint school activities and support their sponsored schools to organise joint school national education activities according to their vision and characteristics.


It also appeals to school councils and school heads associations to connect with member schools to organise theme-based national education activities on key dates to lead students to understand the history and culture of the country, nurture students to become lifelong learners who are able and virtuous, with a sense of responsibility, vision and love for their home and country and build a better future for Hong Kong and the country.


About 160 participants, including government school principals and vice-principals, as well as representatives of secondary and primary school councils, school heads associations and school sponsoring bodies, attended the event.

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