Vaccine pass access to expos

August 23, 2022

The Government announced today that the existing social distancing measures will be largely extended until September 7.


Under the latest set of measures as from August 25, the restrictions on entering relevant premises are adjusted to allow people with an amber code in the Vaccine Pass to participate in business-to-business (B2B) conventions and exhibitions, subject to specified requirements.


Explaining the decision, the Government said the number of daily new cases in Hong Kong has exceeded 6,000 mainly due to the resumption of social and economic activities alongside an increase in the proportion of cases related to the Omicron mutant strain sub-lineages BA.4/BA.5.


The red and amber codes were introduced in the Vaccine Pass on August 9 and this arrangement has been operating smoothly and reduced the incidence of high-risk people infecting others when entering certain premises and conducting activities therein.


As for conventions and exhibitions, the Government said that the participation of members of the trade in B2B thematic trade exhibitions and relevant activities is considered similar in nature to performing duties at work and is different from other mass group gatherings.


Having balanced the need for maintaining social and economic activities, it will adjust the restrictions on entering relevant premises with effect from August 25.


Starting from that date, inbound people from overseas places or Taiwan will be allowed to participate in B2B conventions and exhibitions held in places of public entertainment and event premises, subject to specified requirements when they are categorised as having an amber code.


The requirements include the wearing of a mask at all times during the event, save for speakers delivering a speech, and pre-registration for all participants for entry to the premises by the organiser. Moreover, the event must be mostly B2B by nature.


As for other large-scale conventions and exhibitions involving more participation of the local public, the organising bodies can make applications to the Government which will review the circumstances and may consider offering facilitation arrangements if these activities are deemed appropriate and conducive to the economic development of Hong Kong.

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