Govt grants childcare jab leave

August 19, 2022

The Government today announced that its employees will be granted childcare vaccination leave to accompany young children to receive COVID-19 vaccination on working days.


It explained that in order to encourage parents to arrange such vaccination for their children aged six months to less than three years as early as possible, starting August 22, government employees will be granted childcare vaccination leave of not more than half a day to accompany their children to receive vaccination on a working day.


The Government stressed that in view of the rapid spread of the mutant strains, parents should arrange for their young children to get vaccinated as early as possible.


It pointed out that as the largest employer in Hong Kong, the Government has a duty to take the lead and introduce such a family-friendly measure to encourage and facilitate government employees who are parents or guardians of young children to act fast and arrange for their children to get vaccinated for early protection.


All government employees including civil servants, non-civil service contract staff and post-retirement service contract staff will be granted authorised absence for not more than half a day on each occasion they accompany each of their eligible children aged below three to receive the vaccination as a parent or guardian.


For those who have taken their own vacation leave to bring children aged below three to get vaccinated as a parent or guardian before August 22, they may also be retrospectively granted a half-day authorised absence by application.


The Government also called on employers of other enterprises to provide convenience for their employees as far as possible and encourage parents to arrange for their young children to get COVID-19 vaccination as a concerted effort to boost the vaccination rate of young children and further strengthen the overall protective barrier in the community.

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