Concern over detained HK people

August 17, 2022

The Security Bureau today said it attaches great importance to recent incidents in which Hong Kong people were suspected to have been lured to Southeast Asian countries such as Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar and detained to engage in illegal work.


Since January, the Immigration Department and Police have received 17 and 12 requests for assistance respectively.


After receiving such reports, the Immigration Department's Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Unit immediately assisted the people concerned to report the cases to the local police upon their requests.


The unit learnt that 12 of the Hong Kong people had left the relevant places safely.


For the assistance seekers who have yet to leave, the unit will actively follow up on their cases and will keep close contact with their family members, the Hong Kong Police Force, the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and the local Chinese embassy or consulate general.


Meanwhile, upon receipt of relevant reports, Police would maintain close contact with law enforcement agencies outside Hong Kong and reach the agencies through the INTERPOL platform to exchange intelligence and assist in investigations.


The bureau reminded citizens to stay vigilant against employment fraud and not to trust online recruitment advertisements or comments lightly.


They should also guard against claims of ways to earn quick money and jobs offering extraordinarily high remuneration with no specific requirements for academic qualifications or work experience.


Hong Kong residents who need help while staying outside Hong Kong may call the Immigration Department's 24-hour hotline at (852) 1868, call the 1868 hotline using network data via the department's mobile app or submit the Online Assistance Request Form.

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