Fatal work accident being followed up

August 17, 2022

The Government today expressed concern over a fatal work accident that happened at Yaumatei Maternal & Child Health Centre on August 15.


It explained that the Labour Department has launched an investigation to identify the accident's cause and ascertain the liability of the duty holders.


While the cause of the accident has yet to be established, relevant government departments will take follow-up action to inspect similar electric gates at all government premises to protect public safety and ease concern.


The Architectural Services Department and the Electrical & Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) today commenced inspection on similar large-scale electric sliding gates at government premises, in particular devices with a manual mode, to ensure they can be safely operated manually in an effort to prevent recurrence of similar accidents.


The inspection is expected to be completed within two weeks.


Furthermore, other works departments, including the Water Supplies Department, the Drainage Services Department, the Civil Engineering & Development Department and the Highways Department, will complete an inspection of electric gates at their premises within a week.


The Housing Authority, the Housing Society, the Hospital Authority, the Urban Renewal Authority, the Mass Transit Railway Corporation and the Airport Authority will also carry out an inspection on similar large-scale electric gates at their premises to ensure such gates are safe when operated manually.


In addition, the Buildings Department will write to property management companies, urging them to carry out corresponding inspection of large-scale electric gates at the properties they manage for the sake of public safety.


According to A Safety Guide on Gate Work published by the Labour Department, a regular gate maintenance system for competent technical personnel to perform maintenance and repairs of electric gates should be set up.


Meanwhile, with reference to the Code of Practice for Installation of Electrically Operated Sliding Gates, Sliding Glass Doors & Rolling Shutters and Safety Tips of Gates & Glass Doors Operation Work published by the EMSD and the Occupational Safety & Health Council respectively, an owner of an electric gate shall ensure that the installation is regularly maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations to keep it in good working order.


The Government stressed that the electric gate owner has the responsibility to ensure the safe installation and operation of the gate.


It reminded operators to be vigilant in running electric gates under a manual mode. They should pay attention to the moving range and speed of the gate, avoid the gate moving beyond the operating limit and keep a safe distance from the device.

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