29k get consumption voucher

August 16, 2022

Around 29,000 people whose cases have been successfully reviewed will receive their first consumption voucher today, the Government said.


They will get an SMS or a mobile app push notification. They may also call 18 5000 to check the review result.


As of last Saturday, the Consumption Voucher Scheme Secretariat has received some 170,000 applications for review. Most of these applications are from people who have submitted valid claim requests for early withdrawal of their Mandatory Provident Fund or benefits under occupational retirement schemes on the ground of permanent departure from Hong Kong. About 104,000 people’s applications for review had been accepted and they got their first voucher on August 7.


The secretariat said the remaining cases are being processed. In general, it will notify the applicants of the review results by SMS within six weeks upon receipt of their application and supporting documents.

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