Home vaccination service streamlined

August 12, 2022

The Government today announced it will commission 13 medical organisations to continue the door-to-door vaccination service for seniors and people with special needs who have registered for the Home Vaccination Service.


Since the service was launched in mid-April, more than 31,400 registrations have been received and nearly 1,700 outreach teams have been deployed to administer over 34,300 vaccine doses to people aged 70 or above and those with difficulties going out for the jab due to illness or physical disability.


Alongside the increasing number of service users, the number of cases due for receiving the second to fourth vaccine doses is expected to rise.


Secretary for the Civil Service Ingrid Yeung said a new mode of operation will be adopted to streamline the Home Vaccination Service's workflow so that more elderly people can get early protection.


Under the new operation mode, each district will be assigned medical organisations to provide through-train services: from making phone calls to people registered for the service arranging appointments, to mapping the itinerary and providing a door-to-door vaccination service.


“As the designated medical organisations in districts will be tasked to follow up on the cases of people who have registered for the service all the way through, it is expected that the service arrangements will be more flexible, thoughtful and efficient,” Ms Yeung said.


From August 15, the Government will notify by SMS or by phone people who have registered for the service of the name and the enquiry number of the medical organisation assigned to serve them in the order of the due date of their next vaccine dose.


The COVID-19 vaccination service is free and medical organisations will not charge jab recipients any fees.


Click here to register for the Home Vaccination Service.


Alternatively, citizens aged 70 or above who have not been vaccinated and those who are unable to go out for vaccination due to illness or physical disability may call 5688 5234 from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday, except public holidays.

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