Seminar on President’s speech held

August 8, 2022
Youth development
Youth development :

Secretary for Home & Youth Affairs Alice Mak (second right) hosts a seminar on President Xi Jinping’s speech.

The Home & Youth Affairs Bureau today held a seminar to highlight the speech of President Xi Jinping where Secretary for Home & Youth Affairs Alice Mak attended as the principal speaker and about 120 officials of the bureau and its departments took part.


During the online seminar, Miss Mak shared with the participants the essence of President Xi’s speech delivered at the inaugural ceremony of the sixth-term Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to help them gain a deeper understanding and reflection.


Noting that the speech had expounded in depth the crucial guidance on the future development of Hong Kong, she said the "four proposals" stated in it are specifically the direction of work for the bureau.


She quoted President Xi as saying that the Hong Kong SAR Government should give care to the young people and help them overcome the difficulties they encounter in education, employment, entrepreneurship and home ownership.


Miss Mak said: "Youth development is a major priority of the bureau. We have commenced work for the formulation of the 'youth development blueprint' which will outline the vision and major directions of Hong Kong's overall youth development work.


“We will collaborate with different policy bureaus and their respective departments to implement policy measures directly relevant to the youth development," she added.


Stressing that President Xi also stated in his speech that the community should work together to safeguard harmony and stability and create a better life in solidarity, the home affairs chief noted that the bureau will enhance work in districts and encourage residents to participate in community services to establish mutual help networks.


Additionally, Miss Mak encouraged her colleagues to integrate the spirit of the President’s important speech into their own work in an effort to implement policies that will benefit the citizens.


Since July, more than 45 sessions have been held, by the 18 district offices, on President Xi Jinping’s speech and about 6,700 people have taken part in them.

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