Designated taxis adjust service hours

August 3, 2022

The Government announced that from tomorrow, the operating hours of self-paid designated quarantine hotel (DQH) taxis will be advanced to start from 7am daily until 2am the next day.


It said the service's operation has been generally smooth since its launch on July 25, with 100 taxis currently providing services on a trial basis.


In view of the increasing number of inbound travellers, the Government decided to advance the start of the service's operating hours from 8am to 7am daily to cope with the demand.


Travellers arriving in Hong Kong from overseas may choose to go to DQHs from Hong Kong International Airport by taking the free designated transport or a self-paid taxi or limousine according to their personal needs.


The Government will continue to monitor the operation of these point-to-point transport services and make adjustments in a timely manner having regard to the actual situation and demand.

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