Minimum age for Sinovac jab lowered

August 2, 2022

(To watch the full press briefing with sign language interpretation, click here.)


The Government announced today that children aged from six months to three years can receive the Sinovac vaccine starting from August 4.


After taking into account advice from experts, the Secretary for Health has approved the lowering of the minimum age for receiving that vaccine for off-label use.


Based on related clinical trials and studies of vaccination for local adolescents, the experts considered that three doses of Sinovac vaccine can be used for children aged six months to less than three years, following the same schedule of vaccination for older children.


At a press briefing today, Scientific Committee on Emerging & Zoonotic Diseases Chairman Prof David Hui said: “Young children and adults basically use the same dosage of Sinovac vaccine. Because the doses are already available, they can start the vaccination programme.”


For the BioNTech vaccine, experts advised a three-dose series to be administered to children aged six months to under five years, with each dose to be one-tenth of that for adults.


"As for BioNTech vaccine, it really depends on whether we can get hold of the specific 3 micrograms dose formulation. If we can get hold of the formulation, we certainly will start the vaccination programme as soon as possible," Dr Hui added.


From 9am on August 4, parents and guardians can make appointments online for children aged from six months to three years to receive a Sinovac vaccine at community vaccination centres or designated general out-patient clinics of the Hospital Authority.


Reservation for free Sinovac vaccination can also be made through the private doctors or clinics that participate in the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme.


Parents or guardians should accompany the children to receive the vaccination. They have to present the original copy of the children’s birth certificate and bring along a consent form signed by the parents on the date of the vaccination.


People aged from 50 to 59 who have received three doses of Sinovac or BioNTech vaccine may receive the fourth dose at least three months after their last dose, also starting from August 4.


Eligible people of this age group can make an appointment online for receiving the fourth dose from 9am on that date.

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