CSD responds to unfounded remarks

July 27, 2022

The Correctional Services Department clarified that it has continuously been taking various measures to improve the custodial environment, including air ventilation, in its institutions.


The department issued the statement today in response to unfounded remarks made by a member of the public through the media on the treatment of people in custody.


It emphasised that the department is committed to ensuring a secure, safe, humane, decent and healthy custodial environment.


Apart from the regular replacement of fans, the department has additionally installed different types of fans, including high power industrial fans and anti-suicide cell safety fans at different institutions according to the genuine needs.


New-style gates and windows have also been installed progressively to improve air ventilation. 


Moreover, the department allows detainees to purchase ice cooling towels and hand fans. For security reasons, the purchase of antipyretic paste is not allowed.


Additionally, the department pointed out that it arranges daily exercise for those in custody in accordance with the law, except for those exempted by the medical officer for health reasons.


Furthermore, the department arranges people in custody to take a daily shower at different time slots with regard to the operations of the institutions, adding that there is no restriction that a shower should be completed within 10 minutes.


It also pointed out that in general, the department switches off lighting devices in cells during the bedtime of detainees. However, having regard to the actual operational needs of the institution, appropriate illumination will be maintained in individual cells at night to ensure the health conditions of such individuals can be effectively monitored by correctional officers. 


The department condemns the individual member of the public for making unfounded remarks to smear the department.

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