Chinese medicine alliance continues

July 22, 2022

The Department of Health and the Institute of Chinese Materia Medica (ICMM) of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences today signed a pact to extend the co-operation on research for standards of Chinese medicines for five years.


Apart from offering advice on the research work of DNA Laboratory in the temporary Government Chinese Medicines Testing Institute, ICMM has provided opinions through co-organising seminars on the development of DNA testing methods to suit the needs of the Chinese medicines industry in Hong Kong, the department explained.


Today’s agreement will continue the co-operation between the two parties and jointly foster development in testing and reference standard research of Chinese medicines.


Under the agreement, the department and ICMM will work toward the common goals of ensuring the safety of Chinese medicines and safeguarding public health.


In this respect, the two parties will continue to promote exchange and collaboration on testing technology and research of Chinese medicines and strengthen the co-operation mechanism for DNA-based testing technology and application.


They will also enhance the research and application of Chinese medicine standards through activities such as expert group meetings, symposiums and training, the department added.

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