Civil servants' training to be enhanced

July 5, 2022
Training team
Training team:

Secretary for the Civil Service Ingrid Yeung (centre) and Permanent Secretary for the Civil Service Clement Leung (right) meet Head of the Civil Service College Kwok Yam-shu.

Secretary for the Civil Service Ingrid Yeung today said that strengthening training for civil servants is a major priority of the Civil Service Bureau of the new-term Government.


The bureau will, through the Civil Service College, make ongoing efforts to enhance training for civil servants on various fronts so as to nurture the capacity of the civil service in better responding to the community's aspirations for public services.


Mrs Yeung and Permanent Secretary for the Civil Service Clement Leung met Kwok Yam-shu, who took up the appointment as the Head of the Civil Service College today, at the Central Government Offices to discuss the upcoming priorities of the college in strengthening training for civil servants.


In addition to welcoming Mr Kwok to join the team working on civil service training, Mrs Yeung stressed that the civil service plays a critical role in effective governance and implementation of policies.


“We place great emphasis on training for the civil service. In particular, we accord the highest priority to enhancing civil servants' understanding of the constitutional order of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the country's development.


“The college will also enhance training in leadership development and innovation and technology application, and broaden civil servants' international horizons and global outlook, by way of a variety of programmes."


The Civil Service College was established in December last year. Starting from this month, all new recruits are required to complete within the probationary period a more comprehensive foundation training programme. The content covers understanding “one country, two systems”, the country's Constitution, the Basic Law, the Hong Kong National Security Law, the country's system and major policies as well as the civil service's core values and public service culture.


Officers of degree or professional grades are also required to take part in advanced training upon confirmation to the permanent establishment, so as to deepen their understanding of the country's development and its major policies as well as subjects such as the principle of “one country, two systems” and national security.


Mrs Yeung emphasised that strengthening induction training is an important step to grooming the civil service as a learning and professional team.


The Head of the Civil Service College reports to the Permanent Secretary for the Civil Service, and through him, to the Secretary for the Civil Service.

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