Classic vehicle exemption adjusted

June 29, 2022

The Environmental Protection Department announced today that, with immediate effect, vehicles 30 years old or above on their first registration may seek exemption from certain noise and air pollution control rules.


There has been a noticeable upward trend in the number of vehicles 20 years old or above exempted from noise and air emission regulations among the first-registered vehicles in Hong Kong in recent years, the department explained.


Contrary to the original policy intent of exempting a small number of collectible classic vehicles, which are not for the purpose of daily transportation, some car owners used their classic vehicles for daily transportation or even modified their vehicles, which may cause a noise nuisance. The department had therefore decided to tighten the discretionary exemption for vehicles 20 years old or above.


However, in response to suggestions from the trade and stakeholders, and to balance different sectors’ interests, the department has updated the exemption arrangement.


With immediate effect, citizens may apply for an exemption for vehicles 30 years old or above on their first registration from the Noise Control (Motor Vehicles) Regulation and the Air Pollution Control (Vehicle Design Standards) (Emission) Regulations. Noise and emission test reports of their vehicles have to be submitted for the department’s approval.


Moreover, to alleviate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to the trade, the department will handle, on a discretionary basis, the arrangement for unregistered vehicles manufactured on or before 2007.


Those who have signed a contract to purchase or order, and have made full or partial payment for such a vehicle, and have lodged an import return or have arranged the shipment to Hong Kong before midnight on June 1, may submit the required supporting documents to the department before 5pm on July 15 for an administrative record of the vehicle.


When the vehicle reaches 20 years old, the applicant may then submit a noise compliance report and an exhaust emission test report to the department for applying for an exemption from the relevant regulations.

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