Social distancing extended to Jul 13

June 27, 2022

The Government announced today that the existing social distancing measures will be extended until July 13.


With more frequent traffic and social interactions, the number of daily new cases in Hong Kong has continued its upward trend and a number of infection clusters have successively emerged. Data from sewage surveillance has also indicated a rise in viral load across various districts.


Although the number of hospitalised patients has increased, the figure remains at a relatively low level and there is no sign of a significant rise in severe cases or deaths.


The Government will closely monitor the overall epidemic development and take measures to sustain its effort in reducing the risk of an epidemic rebound.


In view of the latest epidemic trend and given that the effective period of the measures in the coming cycle will span to the next government term, having consulted the Chief Executive-elect's Office and with its consent, the Government decided to extend the existing social distancing measures for 14 days from June 30.


To better contain virus transmission, all patrons of bars, pubs, clubs and nightclubs have to undergo a test and obtain a negative result before they can enter the relevant premises.

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