Power cable report received

June 24, 2022

The Government today said it has received an interim report submitted by CLP Power Hong Kong to the Director of Electrical & Mechanical Services concerning a power cable incident that occurred on June 21.


The Electrical & Mechanical Services Department said the rare incident involved three sets of 132kV and nine sets of 11kV high-voltage cables.


According to the report, the cables concerned were not under abnormal overvoltage and overcurrent conditions, and no cable joint was installed inside the cable bridge involved in the incident. CLP Power last inspected the cable bridge in November 2021 and no site works were being carried out before the incident.


The Government is examining the report and will request CLP Power to supplement further information in the detailed report where required. The power company needs to submit the report on July 6.


CLP Power will also be requested to devise and implement comprehensive improvement measures to prevent similar incidents from happening again.


The Government said it will monitor the company's power supply and rectification works to ensure the power system will resume as normal at the soonest.


The accident is an isolated case affecting the power system of individual districts, while Hong Kong's overall power grid and power supply remained normal, it added.

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