Review requests close Jul 8

June 24, 2022

The Government today reminded those who wish to seek a review of their applications under the Temporary Unemployment Relief Scheme to call the hotline 183 6128 by July 8.


Taking into account some 20,000 applications approved after review, about 340,000 applications have been approved under the relief scheme as at yesterday.


The Government noted that while many applications have been rejected because they did not fulfil the application criteria, there are also some cases that were initially rejected because the applicants failed to provide sufficient or supplementary information within the specified period.


In this connection, the Government has exercised discretion to allow applicants to provide supplementary information after the deadline.


Upon receipt of their requests for review, arrangements will be made for dedicated personnel to contact applicants by phone to obtain the required supplementary information.


This would help complete the review as soon as possible, thus enabling eligible and needy applicants to receive the subsidies.


The Government earlier invited trade unions and relevant groups that have referred cases to it to submit the remaining review applications within this week.


As there may be applicants who intend to seek a review but have not yet made such request in time, the Government calls on these applicants to file their requests by July 8. They may do so by calling the hotline 183 6128 from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

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