New team strives to serve citizens

June 19, 2022

(To watch the full press conference with sign language interpretation, click here.)


The principal officials of the sixth-term Government with various backgrounds, strengths and rich experience will be proactive in winning people's trust and make policies that meet with demands, Chief Executive-elect John Lee said today.


Mr Lee introduced his governing team to the media at a press conference this afternoon.


He said: “My team covers a diverse range of backgrounds, including current government officials with experience in political accountability, civil servants with extensive public administrative experience, professionals from outside the Government and persons with relevant sectoral and district networks.


“This team is united and loyal, and we share the same ideal of governance. We will be result-oriented, with emphases on team spirit and execution.”


Mr Lee affirmed that he and his cabinet will reach out, listen to and communicate with the public with sincerity.


“We are committed to serving the aspirations and concerns of the people, and enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the administration. Together, we will build a better Hong Kong.”


The Chief Executive-elect also emphasised that the next five years will be a crucial time for Hong Kong to advance from stability to prosperity, adding the next-term Government will rise to the challenges, leading Hong Kong and making good use of its unique advantages under "one country, two systems" to start a new chapter for the city together.


During the press conference, Mr Lee expressed gratitude to Chief Executive Carrie Lam for her work in facilitating a smooth government transition.


He also thanked all incumbents in the current-term Government and hoped they would continue to serve Hong Kong in different capacities.

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